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American Petro-Hunter was founded on January 24, 1996. The company is duly incorporated in the State of Nevada.

The Company’s common shares are listed for trading on the electronic over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) market in the United States and trades under the symbol “AAPH.”.


The Company believes alternative sources of energy won’t become a significant or practical solution for years to come and that the country must support increased domestic drilling in order to capitalize upon our existing technical supremacy and the unearthing of significant and important new finds here at home.

American Petro-Hunter solidly supports “growth by the drill bit” as the only “home grown solution” to produce more American oil and gas that will stabilize gasoline and energy prices. The number of projects currently available for acquisition is extensive and American Petro-Hunter plans an aggressive campaign towards targeting production from smaller, underutilized fields via farm-ins and outright purchases.


To explore, develop and produce oil and gas reserves in the continental USA thereby assisting our nation in reducing its dependence on foreign oil. "America First" and "in our back yard" are the motto's we will apply to each and every project we acquire. Any partnerships will only be with other likeminded companies also desiring to drill America out of these tough economic times by using American workers and US technologies to target, and exploit America’s vast wealth of untapped petroleum reserves.


In the short-term, American Petro-Hunter will acquire quality exploration projects in targeted jurisdictions favorable for near-term production close to existing infrastructure. American Petro-Hunter will aggressively search for existing production (Proved Developed Producing /PDP) from smaller, undervalued or underutilized properties that show high promise for probable undeveloped reserves (PUDs). We aim to acquire only projects with a minimum 20 drilling locations. Intermediate-term goals are focused on production through drilling multiple projects. The "basket" of projects includes a mix of higher risk and higher reward targets as well as stable, low risk targets. American Petro-Hunter plans on building the company into a 500-1000 BOE producer by 2012. Long-term goals are to take the company through exploration, development and production in excess of the 1000 BOE level in the aim of long term sustainability or as a possible strategic acquisition by a major producer. American Petro-Hunter will strive to book value in reserves such that the net asset value of the company would warrant a senior board listing allowing funding to acquire the larger, most prolific projects both on and off shore.
Corporate Newsletter
March 2012

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